With subsidiary companies in 

we take care of our customers wherever they are. That enables us to react with expertise and flexibility to regional peculiarities and secures local spare parts and maintenance services in the customer’s native language.

ALPMA FPS, which belongs to the company group, offers our customers solutions for the financing of projects. We take care of our customers on an individual basis, as requested, ranging from providing advice through to offering formal financing.

With our subsidiary companies Servi Doryl and Secril in France, we own globally leading competence in design, injection technology and cheese mould manufacturing.

Spezialisiert auf den Anlagenbau im Bereich Mozzarella und Schnittkäse

Elsau, Schweiz


Spezialised in the Production of Block Forms

Langeais, France


Spezialised in the Production of Block Forms

Martignat, France


Die zur Unternehmensgruppe gehörende ALPMA FPS bietet unseren Kunden Lösungen zur Finanzierung von Projekten. Dabei betreuen wir unsere Kunden individuell - auf Wunsch von der Beratung bis hin zur Erstellung eines konkreten Finanzierungsangebotes.