Project management and manufacturing of membrane filtration installations including complete control and regulation technology for the following applications: 

  • Fractioning and concentration of whey 
  • Casein standardisation / yielding of milk serum 
  • Sterilisation of milk and whey 
  • Production of quark and cream cheese 
  • Bacteriological stabilisation of brine 
  • Filtration of solutions from biotechnology 
  • Special applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. 

The following techniques are used for this: 

  • Micro filtration (MF)
  • Ultra filtration (UF)
  • Nano filtration (NF)
  • Reverse osmosis (RO).

Various pilot installations are available to assist with the layout and optimisation of industrial installations as well as for trial purposes!

Separation Process

Overview of Separation Process of Membrane Filtration


Merkliste UF Anlage

10 stage UF installation 

for the gaining of natural colourings from fruit and vegetable juices.

Merkliste UF/RO/RO Anlage

Combined, Fully-Automatic UF-/RO-RO Installation 

for skimmed milk for the protein standardisation of dairy milk.

Merkliste NF Anlage mit RO Polisher

NF Installation with integrated RO Polisher 

 for the concentration and partial demineralisation of sour whey.

MF-Anlage MIcCC

MF-Installation for the production of MicCC

Merkliste MF-Anlage Keramikmembran

MF-Anlage mit Keramikmembranen

Merkliste MF-Anlage mit SW-Membranen

MF-Installation with spiral winding membranes

Merkliste MF-Anlage Keramikmembran

MF-Installation with ceramic membranes

Merkliste MF Anlage

MF Installation for the Sterilisation of Brine 

in Unit Construction

Merkliste MF Anlage

MF Installation for the Production of ESL Milk


Merkliste RO HighTS

RO HighTS Installation