The ALPMA CreamoProt process enables you to use your own valuable whey protein economically as follows:

  • Substitute for milk casein in your products by less expensive whey protein 
  • Substitute for milk fat by less expensive, healthier whey protein
  • Increase in the water-binding capability of your products 
  • Increase in yield, cost saving, qualitative improvement of your products!

The production of ALPMA CreamoProt is possible using both fresh and sour whey and is in use on an industrial scale all over the world. It offers a most interesting and innovative perspective particularly for light and healthy dairy products.

Areas of Use: 

  • Soft and yellow cheese 
  • Cream cheese 
  • Dessert and quark products 
  • Ice-cream 
  • Dressings 
Merkliste CP Pitloanlage

CreamoProt Pilot Installation 


Merkliste CP Referenzanlage

CreamoProt Process Installation


CreamoProt in a Casein Matrix 

Graphic Illustration

CreamoProt Particle Size Distribution

Graphic Illustration