ALPMA block cutters always do a good job no matter whether they are in front of a slicing, portioning or grating machine. 

Exact pre-division, for example of film-ripened Gouda into bars, is a decisive pre-requisite for economic further processing into portions or slices.


Merkliste BTS Basic

BTS Basic

The division of Euroblocks into two or more bars and automatic transfer to the subsequent cutting line in selectable groups and directions – turned, flipped, sorted and aligned. 

Merkliste BTS 300/C

BTS 300/C 

By using a block cutting system optimised by intelligent scanning technology for the equal-weight cutting of bars from cheese blocks, perfect for storage (Euroblock / Cheddar block). 

Merkliste CUT 1000

CUT 1000 

Bar cutter for large blocks, for automatic infeed to subsequent cutting machines. The cheeses are measured and individually pre-cut into bars.

Merkliste KSA 100

KSA 100 

The universal cutting machine with integrated turntable divides your large cheese loaves into bars as well as into ready-for-sale segments.

Merkliste PT IV/Basic

PT IV/Basic 

With a cutting station for division of blocks into bars, two-handed operation.

Merkliste HT II


The HT II allows you to cut your cheese both quickly and simply into ready-for-sale portions or in preparation for further processing by subsequent cutting lines. Changeable cutting tools make it a universal cutting machine. Two-handed operation.