The cheese must be removed from the mould, either prior to or after salting. This is best done fully-automatically.
The loading of the ripening racks is carried out by a vacuum drawing device. The negative pressure used is very low and is gentle on the sensitive skin of the raw cheese. The suckers are of a hygienic design and are easy to clean.

Merkliste Ziehanlage Vollautomatisch

Fully-Automatic Demoulding Device

And yet easy to use. With a gentle vacuum all cheeses are removed fully-automatically from their moulds and placed on transport conveyors.

Merkliste Ziehanlage Halbautomatisch

Semi-Automatic Demoulding Device

Space-saving and simple, but nevertheless safe, efficient, hygienic and gentle to the cheeses, the demoulding device removes the cheeses from the moulds and places them onto racks. For small dairies with semi-automatic operation.