Merkliste Salzmaschine

Salting machine

for the dry salting of cheeses of racks in transit.

Merkliste Salzbad


For small installations with manual loading, up to industrial installations with automatic infeed. Besides its salting function, brining enables cheese temperature and bacterial cultures to be controlled, thus influencing the flavour of the cheese. 

Merkliste Feta und Weißkäse-Kanister

Feta and White Cheese Canister

The container is designed so that eight cheese blocks each measuring 220 x 110 mm can be salted, ripened and stored. 

  • Dimensions: 290 x 290 x 340 mm 
  • Automated handling possible
  • May be reused up to 50 times 
  • Simple opening and closing 
  • Space-saving stacking of empty containers