Cheese needs peace and time to ripen. Continuity is also important for the ripening process. Only under constant climatic conditions with suitable temperature, humidity and air speed, can the cheese ripen into the desired delicacy.

Highest levels of hygiene are required, in order not to disturb the ripening process. Manual intervention should be avoided. Mechanised ripening processes, in combination with air-conditioning devices offer the best conditions. The disturbing and not always hygienic transportation via elevators to other floors  may be avoided by the use of the easily-cleanable multi-storey elevator.

Merkliste Reiferaum-Mechanisierung

Ripening-Room Mechanisation  

Ripening-room mechanisation ensures the steady procession of all cheeses through the ripening room. Transfer devices bring the stacked racks to the conveyors in various ripening rooms. A rapid, safely-operating turning installation turns automatically - rack for rack, if so-required by the ripening programme.

Merkliste Manipulator


A true dairy robot for destacking, turning and stacking individual racks. A huge advantage, its open, easily-cleanable design is made completely from stainless steel.