Merkliste Blockformen-Reinigungsmaschine

Blockform Cleaning Machine

The cleaning of blockforms is made easy by the maintenance and cleaning-friendly construction of the ALPMA mould cleaning machine.
 Whether it is manually loaded or integrated into a fully-automatic process, whether one-phase or multi-phase cleaning is carried out: the modular construction permits simple adjustment to your requirements and ensures perfectly cleaned moulds every time.

Merkliste Horden-Reinigungsanlage

Rack Cleaning Installation

This installation not only guarantees high throughput, but it achieves superb cleaning results as well. Saving energy and protecting the environment are of particular importance. For this reason we have altered our pre-treatment from high pressure to soaking. During soaking, particularly stubborn substances such as protein, mould and salt are softened and then completely removed during the cleaning phase. The racks leave the subsequent disinfection bath completely germ-free and ready for production. Naturally, this all occurs in automatic operation.

Merkliste Omnia

Immersion Cleaning OMNIA

For the cleaning of format parts, moulds and racks – proven, simple and reliable. With insulated stainless steel containers and optimised fittings for an effective cleaning flow.