The art of curd preparation is decisive for the yield and quality of the cheese. ALPMA offers optimum systems for the preparation of small batches up to large installations with more than one million litres per day. 

Regardless of whether the batch system or a fully continuous installation is in use – ALPMA always offers the optimum solution!

Merkliste Coagulator 2000/S

Coagulator 2000 – for the Production of Soft and Yellow Cheese

The continuously operating Coagulator 2000 and 2000 S have a capacity of up to 45,000 litres/hour. The unique ALPMA Coagulator technology ensures unsurpassed quality and yield thanks to its optimum cutting and preparation of the delicate curd.

Merkliste Bassine System

Bassine System – for the Production of Soft Cheese 

Mechanised curd preparation system with movable Bassines for smaller and medium-sized dairies. Depending on room dimensions, flexible layout is possible.

Merkliste Käsefertiger

Cheese Vat  for the Production of Yellow Cheese Curd and Twarog, for example

Merkliste KBA

Cheese Curd Vat KBA – for the Processing of Smaller Amounts of Milk

Mobile and tiltable cheese curd preparation devices, equipped with exactly adjusted cutting and processing tools, are flexible and ideal to empty.

You can use the KBA to create a production circuit which can process of the amounts of milk which are processed by medium-sized dairies.